Let's Start Our Game Design Education

Let's Start Our Game Design Education

Designing games is a “whole brain” activity because game design merges creativity with problem solving and analytics. 

To that end, game design can be an incredibly challenging and rewarding pursuit.

However, it can also be incredibly confusing and difficult, especially when tackling the process without a plan or strategy.

That’s where Game Design Ed comes in!

All material from Game Design Ed is offered as a springboard, a starting point for realizing your ideas in a useful and meaningful way for getting games made.

Game Design Ed offers all sorts of material from videos to articles to games, delivered to you wherever you are, whenever you want it, and on whatever device works best for you. 

Game Design Ed is on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Vine, Instagram, and YouTube. Be sure to follow me and let me know what sorts of things you would like to explore together!

So let’s start our game design education!